5 Hottest Start-ups in Chicago!


30Second Mom had an amazingly delicious day yesterday. In honor of Earth Day, we had an incredibly informational (and fun!) chat, featuring eco-friendly tips from our resident green mom Margaret Steck. We also welcomed several new contributors in the last few days. I hope you will look over our growing team on the left-hand side of the site and add some new faces (and voices) to your tip stream.

And perhaps the cherry on top of our very yummy sundae was being selected as one of the “5 Hottest Start-ups in Chicago” by The Digital Collective. When you’re really passionate about something, the way I am about 30Second Mom, what you do doesn’t really feel like work. What I do feels like a labor of love. That’s why being recognized by a group of top digital executives from leading companies was incredibly humbling and wonderful. I am so grateful that they see the power of the content and community we’re building here at 30Second Mom.

I want to thank you, the members of our community, for helping us make it so strong. We love creating for you, and sharing with you. You are who inspires us every day to invent, redefine and grow. Thank you for reading/watching our tips and sharing them with your family and friends. We love your feedback, and the highest compliment we get is when you recommend us to those in your circles. We appreciate you so much!

Thank you for including us in your very busy lives. As busy moms ourselves, we know how much you have to do, and we love being right there with you as you do it. We look forward to continuing to grow with you throughout your life as a mom – and beyond! Sending gratitude and love, always. xoxo!


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Elisa is the founder of www.30secondmom.com and mom to three cool kids.
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2 Responses to 5 Hottest Start-ups in Chicago!

  1. Mindy Hudon says:

    Congratulation Elisa! And am I right is saying that you are not only one of the 5 hottest new start-ups, but you are the ONLY woman! Sweet! I’m proud to be a contributor for 30Second Mom !

  2. elisa says:

    Thank you, Mindy! I appreciate your support and love having you on our amazing team! Go, 30Second Mom! :-)

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